You should read this one month or more before you start planning your move.

Take a look at our quick checklist below, to ensure you’ve got everything covered. From 1 month prior, to the moment you unpack in your new home, we’ve got great advice for moves of every shape and size.


Four weeks before you move

  • Get confirmation of your move date and time of collection.
  • If renting, give your landlord sufficient notice.
  • Start sifting through your items, so you can sell or donate your unwanted bits instead of moving them.
  • Get covered – insure all your contents insurance is up to date and covers removals.
  • Contact lots of removals companies and get several quotes to make sure you’re getting the best price.
  • If you haven’t got lots to move, ask friends to help or if not, hire a man with a van.
  • Ensure you have enough space for all your possessions, if not, enquire about cheap, temporary storage.
  • Before you move, contact your utility suppliers to transfer or cancel your contracts.
  • Order new furniture to arrive at your new home (if you need more).
  • Start planning that leaving do! Who needs an excuse for a party?


Two weeks before moving

  • Begin by getting full confirmation from your removals company (if you’ve chosen to use one) on dates, times, addresses and contact numbers to ensure everything is going ahead as planned. Then arrange a date and time to collect the keys to your new home.
  • Talk to your landlord/estate agent about where they’d like you to leave your keys.
  • If you’ve got pets, ensure they’re taken care of throughout the move by friends or family. If you’re moving abroad, seek professional advice of how to transport animals safely.
  • Start packing! Start with the non-essentials items like books, bed linen and non-seasonal clothes.
  • Alert your local doctors surgery, dentists and any other health specialist of your relocation.
  • Notify your bank.
  • Organise a redirection service with the Post Office.
  • Cancel all your food deliveries and subscriptions.
  • (If moving abroad) Ensure that all your packed goods comply with your new home’s custom laws.
  • Print out ALL the Twilleys checklists so you know you’ve done everything!