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Home removals allowed in London

Housing Market Reopens: Home Removals Allowed In London

Housing Market Reopens: Home Removals Allowed In London 1900 1069 G W Twilley & Son Removals

The past few months have been challenging for everyone. If you were planning a home removals you may have had to postpone the move, as all non-essential home moves were on hold. But good news are on the way, since the UK Housing Secretary recently announced that the housing market is re-opening in the UK.

London Home Removals Post-lockdown

London estate agents, home removals companies, and other professionals in this industry can now operate again, as long as they follow some safety guidelines. This means that home moves can now go ahead, unless you or someone in your household are self-isolating.

There are guidelines in place to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in home moves.

The government has published its official advice for removals and estate agent professionals.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re moving homes soon:

  • Social distancing measures are still in place. While moving, stay 6 feet apart from anyone who isn’t part of your household.
  • Use protective equipment (face mask and gloves).
  • Keep to a minimum the number of people going in and out of the house.
  • If you’re moving and at the same time have sold your old home, clean the property thoroughly before the new owners move in.
  • Packing services are available, but homeowners are encouraged to do as much of their own packing as possible. You can find advice in the packing hacks section of our website.
  • Keep internal doors open while movers are in your property to ensure good ventilation.
  • Make sure hand-washing facilities are available to the removals team and dispose of any wipes or paper towels safely.
  • When packing, clean the contents of each box before they start being handled by the removals team. Here’s some de-contamination advice.

Packing And Storage

If you pack your own belongings, you may want to put away boxes into storage until moving day. This will help keep your home decluttered and free of tripping hazards.

Storage is safer because it will help you avoid handling objects unless strictly necessary. You can view our storage services, or you can call us for more info.

If you are planning a home removals and need assistance packing and storing your belongings, we are here to help.

Important Information About Home Removals During COVID-19

At GW Twilley & Son Removals we’re doing our part to follow public health regulations in every home move. We have an updated FAQ section that will answer any questions you may have about the process of moving homes in post-lockdown. If you were in our email list you should have received them on 14th May, so check your inbox. Otherwise read our updated FAQs below.

Updated 14th of May 2020


Q. What precautions are you taking during the Coronavirus pandemic?

A. Our office team are working from home.

Our surveyors are carrying out video surveys to quote and not visiting in person. Our removal crews are kept up to date with government guidelines and are adhering to best practice by:
• Keeping a distance of 2 meters from the next person whenever possible.
• Washing hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.
• Wearing gloves – they are less likely to touch their faces if they wear gloves.
• Disinfecting their cabs and common areas – each vehicle carries disinfectant spray.
• Catching coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose immediately.
• Not coming to work or immediately leaving work if they show any symptoms.
• Immediately reporting to management if any client or colleague shows symptoms.
• Implementing a buddy system to have the same people working together wherever 2 man lifts are required.
• Refusing refreshments offered by clients (although the offer is appreciated).
• Using face masks and hand sanitisers, as necessary.

Q. What do we need our clients to do?

A. Please help us by doing the following:
• Inform us immediately if you or anybody in your home or office develop symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Ensure that nobody with any symptoms, however mild, comes in to contact with our staff.
• Please keep a distance of at least 2 meters from our staff.
• Have as few people present during the move as possible. We can often complete a move without the client being present, ask us about this option.
• Ventilate your home very well on the day of the move. Heating should be off and windows and doors should be open (weather permitting).
• Kindly, do not offer our staff refreshments.
• Surfaces and possessions should be cleaned with household cleaning products prior to the arrival of our staff and again after we have delivered.

Ask For Help!

At G W Twilley & Son Removals, we are a team of friendly movers and storage services specialists. Call us on 020 8888 5156 for further advice or request a video survey and consultation.

Removals video survey
moving house during lockdown

Three Things You Can Do If You’re Planning To Move House During Lockdown

Three Things You Can Do If You’re Planning To Move House During Lockdown 2250 1500 G W Twilley & Son Removals

If you’ve been planning to move homes, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has probably made you reconsider your plans.

Since the focus now is on preventing further spread, the UK’s population is encouraged to limit their movements to those absolutely essential.

If your plans for moving house have been disrupted, here are three things you can do if you’ve to move house during the lockdown.

Be Flexible

Right now, you may be wondering if you need to put your moving plans on hold. According to government guidelines, it is best to postpone moving plans as long as emergency measures are in place.

So unless your new home is already vacant, be flexible with your moving date. Chances are that the seller or landlord will be understanding if you need to make any changes to the initial plans.

If you need further advice regarding the current situation, read our blog about What We Are Doing During Covid-19.

Keep In The Loop

The situation can change very quickly. One of the best things you can do is keep an eye on the website and any statements made by Public Health England. Having the most up-to-date information can help you make a decision.

If you are planning a house move in few months, we recommend reading our Quick Checklist For Moving House During Summer.

If you are wondering how to proceed with a house survey in order to plan ahead, you can always plan your move using our video survey instead of requiring a surveyor to visit your home.

Make The Most Of Delays

The Covid-19 outbreak means that real estate transactions and relocations will take longer. But not everything is negative: focus on the things you can do in preparation for the move.

For example, now you have extra time to go over your belongings, make some decluttering and decide which items are essential and which ones can go into storage.

At G W Twilley & Son Removals we’re here to assist you and to listen to your concerns. Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to offer the most up-to-date advice.

Ask For Help!

At G W Twilley & Son Removals, we are a team of friendly movers and storage services specialists. Call us on 020 8888 5156 for further advice or request a video survey and consultation.

Removals video survey
Removals video survey

What we are doing at G W Twilley & Son Removals during COVID19

What we are doing at G W Twilley & Son Removals during COVID19 2400 1600 G W Twilley & Son Removals

Plan your move using our new video survey and consultation instead of requiring a surveyor to visit your home.

  1. Book a FREE video survey and virtual move consultation.
  2. Use your mobile device to guide our surveyor around your home.
  3. You will receive an estimate of your move within 24 hours.

No Need For Visitors To Your Home

Our virtual survey makes things a lot easier and quicker for you. You gain the benefit of a detailed professional survey and move consultation, without a site visit and at a time that is more convenient to you.

Stay Safe And Healthy

With us, you can keep on social distancing. Plus, you will always have full control of the video call at all times.

The Process Of Our New Video Survey

Video surveys are conducted remotely from the comfort of your home using FaceTime or WhatsApp on a mobile device. Our surveyor will work with you and inspect your property thoroughly while keeping a safe social distance.

It is easy to book a video survey. Visit our video survey request page and schedule the most convenient time for you.

Why Is Video Survey So Convenient?

We take health and well-being seriously. The current situation in London and other parts of the world demands new measures focused on prevention. This is why we’re pleased to announce our new video survey option for house removals and office relocations.

  • Our virtual surveys offer safety, convenience and flexibility in the removals survey process.
  • At this challenging time, limiting unnecessary travel is critical to everyone’s well-being, and video surveys make this easy.
  • Surveyors won’t need to go from home to home, and movers can book a survey whenever it’s convenient for them, without worrying about exposing their home or families.

What We Are Doing At G W Twilley & Son Removals

We are continually monitoring the current situation to protect the health and safety of our clients and our staff community.

During this period of restricted movement in the UK due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic we will be assisting those with essential moves only. We consider a move to be essential if a client has sold their home or terminated a lease and must move to a new property in order to remain housed. We advise all clients wishing to book non-essential moves to do so after the Coronavirus crisis has passed. Requests from the NHS and from NHS staff will also be given priority. We are working to Government guidelines at all times to protect the health of our staff and clients.

Ask For Help!

At G W Twilley & Son Removals, we are a team of friendly movers and storage services specialists. Call us on 020 8888 5156 for further advice.

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rent in london

Affordable areas to rent in London

Affordable areas to rent in London 2250 1500 G W Twilley & Son Removals

London is known for being one of the most expensive capital cities for renters.

By the end of 2019, the average rent came up to £1,600 per month, but there is areas where rental rates are more affordable. If you are looking to rent in London, don’t miss out our new quick guide.

Here is an overview of the most affordable areas to rent in London.

East London

Bexley, Barking, and Dagenham have a fair share of affordable flats for less than £1,300 per month. These areas will be especially convenient if you need to be near the District line or if you commute to work by using overground trains.

West London

In Harrow, small flats for rent can usually be found for around £1,200 a month. If there is more than two of you sharing, Hillingdon may be a cheaper option, although prices are rising really fast here.

North London

One-bedroom properties in Enfield are also below the city average and are on par with those in Harrow.

Waltham Forest is another borough where your money will go further. Moreover, the area is well connected to other parts of London via overground and tube (Victoria and Central lines).

South London

If you are looking to rent in South London, at approximately £820 per month for a 1-bedroom flat, Bexley has some of the lowest average rents in Greater London. However, the borough is in Zone 6, so you’ll have to factor in travel costs too.

Bromley is another affordable option, and it’s also a bit closer and better connected to central London.

Central London

If you must live in Central London, sharing with a group of friends is the best way to save on rent. House shares are more affordable in Islington and Southwark, and they drop even more if you go further east, for example in Greenwich.

If you need a reliable but affordable removals team to help you move to any of these London areas, get in touch with G W Twilley & Son Removals and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Choose your House Removals team in London

At G W Twilley & Son Removals, we are a team of friendly movers! Call us on 020 8888 5156 for further advice.

Moving house in Christmas

The Pros and Cons of Moving During the Christmas Holidays

The Pros and Cons of Moving During the Christmas Holidays 1880 1253 G W Twilley & Son Removals

Most of us look forward to the Christmas holidays and to spending quality time with our loved ones. Moving house might not be the ideal way of spending the festive period, but sometimes this may be your only choice. And after all, moving during Christmas has its advantages too!

Pros of moving house during Christmas

  • It might be easier to get helpers, as most people take time off during Christmas.
  • You’ll be able to get discounted packing supplies. Take advantage of Black Friday and Christmas sales!
  • If you have young children, it’s easier to have them stay with relatives or friends while you move.
  • You’ll have extra motivation to get the move done before the end of the year.
  • You won’t need to take additional days off work to complete the move.

Cons of moving homes during Christmas

  • You may be particularly nostalgic at this time of the year thinking about previous Christmas celebrations you’ve had in your old home. But a new home is a new beginning, so you’ll be in the right spot during the New Year.
  • You may feel that you’re rushing through the holidays. However, planning in advance can take stress off the move and leave you with time to celebrate.
  • There might be some extra preparation involved due to winter weather.

Remember that having professional help can make a world of a difference when moving. At Twilleys we are experts in stress-free removals throughout North London. We put at your disposal a range of additional services (including packing and storage) to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Call us and we’ll help you figure out the most effective way of moving homes this Christmas.

Choose your House Removals team in London

At G W Twilley & Son Removals, we are a team of friendly movers! Call us on 020 8888 5156 for further advice or read more about our house removals services here.

Moving house in 2019

Quick Guide: The Cost of Moving House in 2019

Quick Guide: The Cost of Moving House in 2019 1875 1053 G W Twilley & Son Removals

If you are moving home anytime soon, you may want to cut your costs.

Moving homes is not only a time-consuming project: it can also be expensive once you add up all the costs. In 2019, the average price of removal services ranges from approximately £400 for a one-bedroom house or flat to nearly £2,000 for a three-bedroom home. And if you’re also planning on selling your old home, costs can be as high as £30,000 in London. Source: Lloyds Bank, correct as of 19 September 2018.

“Londoners face paying an average of £33,741 to make a move, largely due to higher house prices pushing up the cost of stamp duty.” Source: Stefanie Garber – Which?

If your house removals project includes the sale of your property, your most significant expenses will be stamp duty and estate agent fees, followed by valuation, insurance, homebuyer’s report, and conveyancing fees. As for the cost of the moving process itself, it can be broken down into four parts:

House Removals costs:

Movers’ price, which usually amounts to over 40% of the total moving costs. The main factors that movers take into account when creating an estimate are the distance travelled and the number of belongings to be moved. Ways to save include:

  1. Using a local removals company, as movers can charge up to 60% more for long-distance removals.
  2. Declutter your home before you start packing.
  3. Hiring a professional house removal with local expertise and full removals services will certainly reduce costs. Plus, you’ll get better professional services.


Insurance is the second largest cost at nearly 16% of the total. Although professional removal companies offer comprehensive insurance, you’ll have to buy additional insurance to cover special or fragile items (e.g. pianos, antiques, etc.), unless you choose the house removals experts in London.

Packing Materials and Packing Services:

Quality packing supplies come at a price, and the costs can soon add up depending on the number of belongings. Also, your packing technique can have you using more supplies than you really need, so make sure you learn how to pack professionally to cut costs or hire professionals packers that include packing materials when booking house removals services.

Additional Removals Services:

Additional services like containerised storage, packing, assembling or disassembling furniture, and cleaning. Some removal companies offer these services at attractive prices, so ask G W Twilley & Son Removals for an estimate before hiring third parties.

At G W Twilley & Son Removals, we offer comprehensive removal services and always work with your best interests in mind.

Get in touch to get a no-obligation estimate of our removal services and helpful advice.

Choose your House Removals team in London

At G W Twilley & Son Removals, we are a team of friendly movers! Call us on 020 8888 5156 for further advice or read more about our house removals services here.

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How to Move House with a Pet Cat

How to Move House with a Pet Cat

How to Move House with a Pet Cat 2250 1500 G W Twilley & Son Removals

Are you a cat owner who will be moving home soon?

Cats may be just as attached to their home as you are, or sometimes even more. Moving homes can be unsettling for your cat, so here are some tips on how to make them feel secure, relaxed, and comfortable during the move.

1- Before moving

Take some time to think about your cat’s personality. How open are they to new experiences? Do they handle changes well? Are they easily affected by the presence of strangers? Has your cat been unsettled in previous house removals? All these questions are important before planning a move. But also learning how to label boxes like a pro. If packing is not your thing and you need further assistance with packing your items, don’t hesitate to request our packing services.

2- During the move

As much as possible, keep your cat away from the noise and non-stop activity that come with house removals. Find a room where they already feel comfortable, prepare a comfy bed, give them their favourite toys, arrange a litter box, and ensure they have all the treats, food and water they need. Let family members and your house removals company know about it and make sure the door stays closed during the move.

If your cat is not used to travelling, even going a short distance can make them feel dizzy, stressed, or disoriented. You may want to consider transporting them in a good quality cat carrier. To do this, you will need to train them in advance.

3- At your new home

Find a quiet room that will become your cat’s home for the first few days, just like you did during the move. Although cats love their independence and coming and going as they please, keeping them indoors for a short period will help them become familiar with their new surroundings at their own pace. Once they have settled, you can let them explore the rest of the house. And when they are familiar with the new house, let them go outdoors -but don’t rush the process to stop them from going missing.

moving house

You can always ask your vet for more tips. And if you need tips on how to make your house removals process smooth, get in touch with our experienced team at G W Twilley & Son Removals.

Choose your House Removals team (and cat lovers) in London

At G W Twilley & Son Removals, we are a team of friendly movers! Call us on 020 8888 5156 for further advice or read more about our house removals services here.

house removals
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