How to make your house move as efficient as possible

How to make your house move as efficient as possible

How to make your house move as efficient as possible 1875 1053 G W Twilley & Son Removals

Moving house involves overcoming a seemingly endless stream of hurdles, but through careful planning, there are ways to make the move more manageable.
In this article, we give some tips on how to maximise the efficiency of the parts you can control, leaving you with more time and energy to deal with the things which inevitably don’t go to plan.

Make a packing plan

One of the best ways of maximising your packing efficiency is through the use of a packing plan. It’s a good idea to start packing several weeks in advance, but if you pack items you need to use daily in those first boxes, you’ll just end up wasting time the next day looking for them and unpacking.

Pack things that aren’t used much first, as well as things that you think might be tricky to take apart. Make sure that the process is spread evenly over a few weeks, and then you won’t be left with a mad rush at the end!

Use labels liberally

While it might be relatively easy to cram everything into boxes, ready for the move, you also want to consider how hard things will be when you’re unpacking.

Make sure that you label the boxes so you don’t have to guess what’s inside them; you can even use a colour coding system and organise items by room – whatever method you choose, be consistent with it, and you’ll make unpacking a whole lot easier.

Be ruthless when decluttering

Something which can take up an unnecessary amount of time when packing is decluttering. To make your life a lot easier, try being as honest with yourself as you can; if you haven’t used something in a year, get rid of it. If it’s actually valuable, then maybe sell it, but with most items, either donate them to charity, have a yard sale, or throw them away.

Spending ten minutes deciding whether you keep a ten-year-old shirt or not will drain your energy, and make the packing process take far longer than necessary.

Book any necessary services in advance

If you decide that you want the assistance of a service, such as a removals company, or a handyman to go over your old house before you move out, make sure they’re booked well in advance.
Chances are that good companies and individuals will have a long waiting list, so get in there early to save yourself time and energy calling around.

Don’t overpack boxes

While it may seem more efficient at first to use less boxes, in the end, overpacking boxes is likely to cause a lot of issues. First of all, it makes them difficult to move, whether you’re moving them yourself or a removals company is doing it for you. Second, if the boxes are seriously overpacked, they may break while they’re being carried or stacked.

Don’t underpack either, of course, but the chances are if you think the box is seriously heavy, you’ve put too much stuff in it.

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