When to use our international storage services?

At Twilleys, we’re all about tailoring your move to suit you. Whether you fancy a little traveling before you settle down in your new home or an exciting but unexpected professional challenge has arisen, you can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that we offer a brilliant range of international storage services.

    • You’re leaving the UK but want to leave some of your possessions behind for when your return.
    • You’re leaving the UK but have not completed all your customs paperwork.
    • You’re leaving the UK but have not completed the purchase of your new property – we can either delay your shipment and store it in the UK or ship and arrange storage via our agent at your destination.
    • You’re coming to the UK but have not completed the purchase of your new property. Your shipment will be delivered to our storage facility until you’re ready for delivery.

What to expect from our international storage service

  • We’ll visit you at your home to deliver storage containers.
  • Using our advanced computer system we’ll print itemised personal labels to be placed on every item in storage. Each label will have its own ID.
  • The ID numbers will then be recorded on our itinerary sheet, including any damaged items prior to removal.
  • Once tagged, all your items be will be safely loaded into their storage containers.
  • Items will be taken to our high security storage warehouse.
  • Before our departure, you’ll be given a copy of the itinerary for your own records and reference.
  • Once items are ready to be shipped, the itinerary is then forwarded to customs agents at your location.
  • Aside from our short term storage services, we also offer long term storage, with a minimum stay of 6 months, at a lower rate.

Your storage options:


Best option for clients that need around the clock access to their items.


A cost effective option as goods can be loaded into a storage unit on site and unloaded directly onto the roadside at your new property. This saves on labour cost and double handling of your goods. Containers are then returned to our high security warehouse.


The cheapest option as you’ll be using a static container which is stored outside. Perfect if you’re looking to save on your overall storage costs.

Insurance for storage is calculated on the overall value of the goods declared and covers for total loss in the event of fire, flood or theft. For more information please contact us. See planning your move with Twilleys and get a quick quote.