International transportation with Twilleys

After your belongings have been packed, we’ll arrange all of the transportation of your goods, be it sea, air or road travel. We’ll also arrange all of the necessary paperwork, customs documentation and will advise you on any and all customs related restrictions.

Shipping Containers

20 ft and 40 ft containers are the most commonly used containers within the shipping industry and you’ll often find that your goods will be shipped within these sizes. However there are other sizes including 10ft, 40ft and 45ft high cube containers, but these are usually only used on specialist contract jobs.

The Labelling System

Using our specialist computer system we’re able to easily create inventory labels specific to every client. All our details are taken and printed onto labels to be placed on every individual item you have in your home, once packed. We then make an inventory list of all the items, listing the content of the boxes, who packed them and any damage prior to removal. The front copy is attached to all your client notes, the middle copy is forwarded onto our destination agent or if staying within the UK, used when coming out of storage, and the back copy is given to you for your records.

Road transportation

Your household goods will be loaded onto and transported using the company’s expert fleet of international removals vehicles which are alarmed, have CCTV and are globally trackable.

Shipping by sea

For the most cost effective international removals option, shipping by sea is both a popular and efficient way to relocate your household items. There are three main ways to ship your belongings, the one that suits you depends on your budget and the volume of goods you want shipped.

Full Container Load (FCL)

This involves access to your own, exclusive container. To give you an idea, a 20ft container can usually fit the contents of a three bedroom house.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

This is where your goods do not fill an entire container, but are too large for the smaller transportation options. This way we could potentially reduce your shipping costs by packing your goods into the container sealing them off, then loading another consignment into the end, so we can use all the space available.

Shared Container / Groupage Service

This is useful if you’re sending a selected number of items or if you haven’t got enough to fill a full container.

Baggage Service

This service is usually used for sending a single item. For example something you can carry like a suitcase or bag.

International removals by air (air freight)

If you’re looking for a speedy, more efficient way to transport your goods then we’d recommend air freight. As it’s faster than shipping by sea, it’s the ideal option for those looking to transport smaller shipments or essential items which are immediately needed upon arrival. An air service can sometimes be cost effective for larger shipments if the destination is inland or far away from a sea port, but generally speaking, it’s usually more expensive than sending your goods by sea. This is due to fuel costs and the work that goes into preparing the consignment for shipment by air (due to high security regulations). However, the shorter transit times are often enough to make people choose air freight over shipping by sea – it all depends on your budget!

Insurance for International removals

All insurance for international removals is calculated in relation to the value of the goods you declare. Marine insurance is then worked into the costs and a certificate is produced. At Twilleys we’re always upfront about costs, so we’ll never shock you with any surprise charges. See planning your move with Twilleys and get a quick quote.