You’ve got the move date, your travel booked and your new life waiting, it’s now official – you’re moving to another country! It’s exciting stuff and we, at Twilleys, would like to be the first to congratulate you on your move! With the thought of nice weather, new people and new job prospects, it’s no wonder you can’t wait to get going! To help you on your merry way we thought we’d give you a little hand with this easy to maneuver, 3 week checklist, counting down all the bits and bobs you need to do before you depart. Plus! If you have any further questions, get in touch, we’re always here to help.

The following advice is based on the 3 week period running up to your move date.

Three Weeks Before

  • First things first – get in person or over the phone advice from the professionals. We’re always at the end of a phone and can organise a pre-move survey prior to your departure, where we’ll help you organise all the boxes, move days, packing and more.
  • Childcare for moving day – for younger children and babies a move day really isn’t the type of activity that they’re going to enjoy so we highly recommend organising some kind of childcare so you can get moving without the panic of a screaming child. However, your older kids on the other hand may want to help you move and nothing beats an extra pair of hands to help out.
  • Moving your pets – much like your children, pets HATE move days and it’ll be nothing but stress if you’re carrying boxes with a Labrador wrapped around your leg, so for move day, leave the pets with a friend whilst you get the work done. Also, moving can be very distressing for pets and it’s worth seeking expert advice on how to safely and carefully relocate them without causing too much upset.
  • Got a freezer full? Waste not, want not! There’s nothing worse than chucking out a freezer full of food, so start using it all up now. This is a great way to save a little cash and will cut down on chaos closer to move day.
  • The big clear out – when you arrive at your new home, you don’t want to start unpacking to find you’ve brought a lot of unwanted junk with you. So now you’ve got 3 weeks until the big day, it’s time to start clearing your house out. Local charity shops such as Mind and The Children’s Air Ambulance Service will take plenty of items, in all shapes and sizes. Just clean them up, bag ‘em up and drop them off. Plus, some charities such as The British Heart Foundation will come to your home to collect any unwanted furniture and electronics. You’ll feel much better for it – trust us!
  • Life after the move – make a list of all the clothes and toiletry essentials you (and your family) are going to need. Ensure you have them with you instead of packing them away for shipping, this way you’ll be nothing but prepared for when you touch down.
  • It’s party time! We hope you didn’t think you were going to leave without saying goodbye? Now is the time to start planning your leaving party!

Two Weeks Before

  • Bills and utilities – Now is the time to start alerting all your utility providers of your move as well as sourcing new providers/transferring services for your new home. You can see a full check list of everyone you may need to contact in the notification check list.
  • Your phone – if you’re moving abroad, your current phone contract may not be valid for use. Contact your phone company directly to find out more, cancel or transfer your number.
  • TV – There’s a high probability that any internet, TV, digibox services you currently use, along with their equipment won’t work. Contact your provider and ask the experts for advice, they’ll be able to advise you on the best possible option.
  • Post – There’s nothing like a hidden utility bill to ruin your new life away is there? Prevent this by ensuring all your providers are alerted to your new address so they can send any outstanding letters directly to you. You can also contact Royal Mail, who’ll need 5 working days to set up a redirection service and can supply this service for up to 2 years!
  • Disconnection and reconnection of household appliances – For both your new and old homes, ensure you arrange for a qualified professional to connect and disconnect all your household appliances including your washing machine, dishwasher and cooker.

Two Days Before

  • Defrost your fridge and freezer – moving your fridge and freezer whilst they are still frozen can cause damage, so it’s important that you completely empty and defrost them both at least 24 hours before removal.
  • Cancel deliveries – if you get regular food deliveries from the likes of Gousto or Graze, ensure they’re all cancelled, there’s nothing worse than a doorstep full of rotting milk/vegetables waiting to greet the new tenants!
  • Packing – if you haven’t already, start packing! There’s nothing like being over  prepared and to make move day as stressless as possible, it’s definitely worth getting as much packing done beforehand.

The Day Before your move

  • Packing – aforementioned packing ahead of move day is the key keeping your stress levels to a minimum. Preparation is key.
  • Attention to detail – once you’ve triumphantly packed away all your furniture don’t forget to keep all your furniture keys and assembly tools safe! Put them all in the same place and table them in bags.
  • Curtains and blinds – take down all your curtains and blinds prior to move day, or if you’ve applied for this as an extra service, we can do it for you!
  • Drawers and trunks – to make it easier for everyone, it’s a great idea to leave the contents of drawers and trunks inside, however don’t completely fill them as they’ll be a nightmare to move.
  • Plants – when moving your household plants we do so in containers to protect them from any external damage. However, we cannot always ensure their 100% safety as they may be affected by light damage whilst moving and sudden temperature drops.
  • Liquid, paint and oil – before moving ensure all petrol fuelled appliances are completely drained as we cannot move any form of flammable substance. Plus, all paint and oil must be packed away in sealed containers, a leak is the last thing we need!
  • Your personal movers pile – allocate a part of the property to store all the things you’re going to need throughout the move including luggage (prepacked), clothes and toiletries and snacks for the journey.
  • Expensive items – we are not covered for items exceeding the value of £50,000 so ensure you organise for the safe relocation of those items, or if cleared with customs, simply take them with you.


We’ll keep this quick as we know you’ve got LOADS to do today! But have no fear, our team are here to help.

Last minute check list

  • Have you checked all your metre readings? Leave behind a copy of the metre readings taken for the new tenant and keep one with you.
  • If no one is moving in, turn off all the power and water.
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Drop keys off at the estate agent
  • Swap contact details with the removals team and arrange a meet up date and time at your new home.