Packing Tips. Some things to keep in mind

Packing Tips

17th July 2015

Packing Tips

When it comes to packing up your home and moving on, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed with things to do but don’t let packing be one of them. As packing pros, we thought we’d share a couple of our own tips and tricks on how to pack up your belongings properly, some may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many casualties we’ve had!

Packing tips

Label and seal the boxes

Our Packing Tips

  • Tip one: Create a moving list. Being over organised is never a bad thing when it comes to moving.
  • Tip two: Do a huge clear out of all your old junk, ready for a lighter pack and move.
  • Tip three: A few weeks before the move, start collecting newspapers and magazines for cheap and easy packaging for your plates and crockery.
  • Tip four: Pack your unessentials first and load them on to the lorry first. This way you’ll have full access to the boxes you need when you arrive. Make sure you mark those boxes too, so you know what they contain.
  • Tip five: Start dismantling larger items and packing them away early. If this involves garden tools, do so with care, store together and clearly label.
  • Tip six: Pack your house up by room. To keep things organised, pack each room up individually and load them up, keeping all of the boxes together. This’ll make for an easy unload later on.
  • Tip seven: Pack heavy items in small boxes. You don’t want to hide them with other items to have them fall out the bottom when you pick them up.
  • Tip eight: If you’re a music lover, pack all your CDs, DVDs and vinyl vertically, this way you can get more in and wedge them together safely.
  • Tip nine: Take photos of all complicated set ups including your TV, surround sound and phone.
  • Tip ten: For specialist items such as pianos and grandfather clocks, be sure to call in the professionals – it’s the only way.

These are just ten of our top tips on the best ways to pack and if you’d like more information and advice don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!