Local removals

Secure and safe storage services

We know your possessions are important so we provide a specially tailored storage service to suit the needs of all our customers. For the duration of their storage, our work force take extra care to make sure your items are returned to you the way you remember them. We understand the frustration and stress that comes with handing over your belongings for storage, so we provide a fully comprehensive service that’ll keep your stress levels to a minimum.

We offer a secure and safe solution for all your storage needs by sealing your belongings in special containers, especially designed to ensure all your items are kept safe from external surroundings and environments. We can help you planning your move. See international storage services when moving abroad. See also international transport.

With us, your belongings are insured

Once packaged, your belongings are all insured and securely monitored 24/7. Twilleys is covered for up to £50,000 and this is included in the initial fee, so unlike many other removal companies you’ll know exactly what you’re paying and why. Insurance for storage is calculated on the overall value of the goods declared and covers for total loss in the event of fire, flood or theft.

We’ll provide you with a detailed and precise inventory list and log of all of your items in our advanced retrieval system to further protect you and your valuables from mistakes.

Twilleys’ Storage Service

  • Our removals team comes to your home or business.
  • We professionally wrap and pack the items you want to store.
  • We provide you with an itemised inventory.
  • We load your goods into your storage container.
  • The storage container is sealed.
  • The storage containers are returned to our storage depot.
  • Containers are securely stored indoors in our warehouses.
  • Once your container is safely in position, it will not be touched again until you need it.
  • Container storage is a cost-effective, safe storage option that keeps your effects in perfect condition.
  • The storage containers hold approximately 7 cubic metres/ 250 cubic feet.
  • Temporary access to your storage container can be arranged, but we’ll need some notice.
  • If you need more frequent access, you should consider our self storage option.