Walthamstow – The new hotspot?

16th March 2017

Walthamstow has long been considered up and coming due to it’s quick and easy links to Central London and it’s village-like feeling.

For years the area has attracted families who have been priced out of areas such as Crouch End and Islington. The increased pull towards E17 reflects the growing trend towards London’s peripheral towns.


If you’re looking to get back to nature, then Walthamstow Reservoir is for you. The 74 acre land allows you to fish in the rivers and lakes and is additionally a bird sanctuary, so bird spotters eat your heart out!

If that sounds too small for you, there’s also Epping Forest which is a whopping 6,000 square acres of protected woodland, the largest in London.


Excitingly, the average house price of Walthamstow is currently lower than the London average!
The area has claimed one of the top spots of the ‘40 first-time buyer hotspots’, due to it’s affordability. An astonishing six out of 10 houses bought are sold to first timers, as they’re willing to move further out of London to get the price they want.


The new nighttube also means there’s an added desire for the Waltham Forest area. Easy access to the rest of London, day or night, definitely pushes Walthamstow up the Move-To list.
Along with the convenience of being only 14 minutes away from Kings Cross and 19 minutes away from Liverpool Street, travelling around London from this Zone 3 area couldn’t be easier.


Walthamstow Village is one of the oldest in London, dating back to 1076 when the rural farming community’s population was just 82! Though the area is increasingly gentrified it has still managed to maintain its rich history and unique village-like feel.
With future plans to develop Walthamstow further, it will become a diverse mix of old & unique and new & improved.

Thinking on moving to Walthamstow?


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